Our mission

We help companies make better
decisions, to gain a competitive
advantage and to improve
operational efficiencies.

Global leader in Business Intelligence for used vehicle operations

INDICATA is the global leader in providing business intelligence and analytics solutions for used car operations to the automotive industry. Engineered for high-performance used vehicle management; INDICATA enables car makers, dealers and fleet operators to turn data-driven insights into a competitive advantage and provides them with strategic guidance to improve the operational efficiency of their used vehicle operations.

INDICATA is a response to an increasing market demand for real-time insights. The system represents not only the most compelling and innovative solution in the industry, but also the most efficient solution for the broad used car operations and residual value management objectives of car manufacturers, dealerships, financial services organisations, leasing companies and fleet owners.

The successes we have experienced with our technology have helped us gain international traction and a growing clientele of the world’s leading automakers and dealers whose used vehicle operations have seen impressive improvements since choosing INDICATA.

INDICATA is the result of collaboration between automotive industry executives and software developers. Together we have developed our unique approach to collecting, processing and analysing live used car market data to provide insights on market dynamics, unlike anything else in the industry.

With INDICATA the breadth and power of actionable data and insights are directly at your fingertips.

Part of the AUTOROLA Group

INDICATA is part of the AUTOROLA Group, a global leader in online remarketing and automotive IT solutions for professional used car and fleet management headquartered in Denmark. The company has currently approximately 350 employees and subsidiaries in 19 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

AUTOROLA Group is committed to a constant renewal process throughout the digital transformation. The company adapts constantly to the needs of our customers, always from an online perspective, to achieve success in the proper commercialisation of used vehicles coming from de-fleeting processes.

AUTOROLA is divided into three global business units:

International Auction Platform
International Auction Platform
De-fleet Management & Vehicle Inspection
De-fleet Management & Vehicle Inspection
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business Intelligence & Analytics