Carbase, with four supermarkets in the south west of England is the latest business to sign up to the new INDICATA real time online used vehicle management system.

Carbase image

The used car supermarket’s team will use INDICATA’s powerful market insights to ensure its 2,000 used cars are as competitively priced in each site’s local area as possible.

Carbase particularly liked the power of INDICATA data as it provides insights into all used cars advertised online across the south west.

Alex Jones head of marketing & digital said: “We use external data sources to supplement our own in-house sales information from INDICATA gives us a broad view of all used cars on sale within Somerset and Bristol that will compete with our stock.
“The data helps us make a measured decision on pricing to ensure all of our stock is positioned to maximise daily sales at each site,” he added.

Neil Gilligan, INDICATA’s national business development manager said: “Carbase runs a great business and knows its local customer base extremely well. INDICATA is able to provide those additional insights that will help support Carbase in selling more cars and reduce stocking days across the business.”

Carbase was the fastest growing ID50 independent used car dealer in 2017 with turnover up 55.4%.



AUTOROLA GROUP is a global leader in online remarketing and automotive IT solutions for professional fleet management headquartered in Denmark. The company has currently approximately 400 employees and subsidiaries in 18 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

AUTOROLA offers solutions in three business units:

  • Market Place: International Online Auction Platform
    The popular international auction platform is one of the successful products of the AUTOROLA GROUP. Currently over 70.000 professional bidders are registered, coming from 31 different countries.

  • Autorola Solutions
    Autorola Solutions include products such as Fleet Monitor, Branded Site, Inspection systems and Business intelligence, which can be fully adjusted to meet any customer's needs. Autorola is constantly investing in further development to continue to deliver state of the art solutions for our customers. The systems supported by Autorola Solutions also offer the possibility to manage full service remarketing offerings with a wide range of services including transport, storage, intake, carwash, photo-studio, parking, invoicing and export handling.

    Autorola’s business intelligence solution INDICATA is a unique real time evaluation tool which appraises a vendor’s fleet value based on live market prices enabling OEM’s, dealers, fleet owners, etc. to instantly measure their market position, know supply and demand for their stock and plan strategies and tactics to improve sales, optimise used prices and manage risks against ever changing market conditions.